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About Us

History of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association of Thailand

Establisment of the society was in the year 1989, by the group of ENT doctors who work in this field. A society was a non-profit medical organization that comprised almost 1,000 members and co-members including: Otolarygologists, Ophthalmologists, Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons, Plastic surgeons, General surgeons, Dermatologists and members of the general public.

Our society objective is providing research and development, exchange academic experiences, practical knowledge, continuing medical education and skills for the practicing surgeons and physicians. We initialed supports and collaborations from local medical professionals, the governmental and throughout the Southeast Asia and international regions.

A society is dedicated to continuing medical education and training for physicians, providing education mobile unit for upcountry provinces of Thailand. Provide an opportunity for any participants, who work in the related field to broaden their knowledge, exchange their experiences and also share their points of view with other physicians.

In Masterclass program is the meeting where physicians will have the opportunity to be introduced to the latest techniques, knowledge and update with medical education by offering high standard lectures and live demonstrations in these specialties. Leading from local university experts and international speakers will be on site at our meeting to demonstrate their practical and interactive educational format where most presentations effectively correspond to an application in daily practice.

In the year 2003 the Royal College of Otolaryngologists of Thailand and Thai Medical Council accepted Thai Facial Plastic Surgeons as a sub-specialty under the Diplomate of Thai Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery also qualified the training program in this field since then in universities and many training centers in Thailand.

Our Mentors were Professor Chern Sekorarith and Professor Tayat Sookbumrung who were the father of Thai Facial Plastic Surgery.

นพ.ชลทิศ สินรัชตานนท์
นพ.ภาคภูมิ สุปิยพันธ์
นพ.สมยศ คุณจักร
นพ.สัมพันธ์ คมฤทธิ์
นพ.สรัลชัย เกียรติสุรยานนท์
นพ.โกวิทย์ พฤกษานุศักดิ์
นพ.ชาญชัย ชรากร
ศ.บุญชู กุลประดิษฐรมณ์
พญ.ยุพา สุมิตสวรรค์
นพ.สุธี ไกรตระกูล
นพ.จำรูญ ตั้งกีรติชัย
นพ.ธงชัย พงศ์มฆพัฒน์
พญ.อรริยา ดุษฏีโหนด
นพ.จตุรงค์ จงสถิตย์ไพบูลย์
นพ.รักษ์ ดนานุวัฒน์
  Prof.Chern Korarith
    Prof. Tayat Sookbumrung